Inside Scoop…”it is simply amazing what can happen”

I have been taking a little stroll down amnesia lane this week, reading the original blog posts and where we started.  Some of them actually brought tears to my eyes as I think back to how overwhelming this seemed when we started.  I mean to think to yourself, “I want to lose some weight”, is fairly daunting to most people.  To think “I would like to lose A LOT of weight” is scary and seems impossible.  BUT…to put it in writing for the world to see and hold you accountable for…I just don’t have the words to describe what that felt like.

Even as recently as May when I posted some of my goals for everyone to see, I was going out on a limb thinking “well in theory I should be able to attain these goals if I just keep doing the right things”.  Honestly, those were my exact thoughts when I typed the list I have reposted below.

I have added in an update for each one…it is simply amazing what can happen when you make a plan and follow it.  I have not looked at this list again since I posted it.  It was in the back of my mind, and I knew I was working on it, but I followed my own thoughts and just kept doing the “right things”.

Original post May 22, 2012 – October 14th update:

NSVs (hopefully I can do all of this in 2012):

  • Shop on the “skinny” side of Dress Barn (when this was posted I was a size 18)
    • Have not been shopping for clothes in a while other than the occasional sale rack at Wal-Mart or Kmart but I will have to go soon to see how things fit.
  • Climb 20 flights of stairs without having an asthma attack (when this was posted the most I could do was about 3 flights without stopping for air)
    • I conquered this one in early July and regularly do the stairs as part of my workout with our trainer.
  • 50 squats on the Bosu ball (when this was posted I was just learning to stand on the ball and still needed to hold something for balance)
    • This too was accomplished in July.  I have not tried to do 50 squats without stopping, but I can easily do 30 rest for about 30 seconds and repeat without ever stepping down from the ball.
  • Make it to a size 14 in jeans and / or dresses (started at 22/24 originally – size 18 when I posted this goal)
    • I am comfortably in size 14 now and can fit size 12 pants depending on how they are made (major happy dance happened in my house when I put on my first 12s that fit)
  • Lose enough to have the surgery on my knee
    • I meet with my Dr. on the 24th to see how he thinks I am doing.  I have not seen him in several months and have lost about 25 pounds since he saw me last so my hopes are high.  While nobody really wants to have surgery on anything, if it means less pain and more mobility, I would do it tomorrow if I could.
  • Lose 6 more inches total (this would be a total of 28)
    • Currently I have lost a total of 35.5 inches (that is basically 3 feet – holy crap that is a scary number)

Weight goals (steps):

  • Make it to 50 pounds lost (212) ( I was at about 221 when this list was posted)
    • I achieved this on 7/1/12
  • Drop below 195 pounds(this seemed so far away and I randomly picked this number thinking once I hit 195 I will be firmly in “Onederland” to never ever see the 200s again)
    • 196.2 today – so close I can feel it
  • 175 (I can’t even imagine this right now)(this was my original goal of where I wanted to get to and then reevaluate – now my goal is 160)
    • I have this in my sights now, it no longer seems like an imaginary number!!!

The list for this year seemed like it was going to be so hard, and I doubted if I would be able to accomplish even some of it by the end of 2012, and yet, I pretty much did it in 5 months.

In reading back, the beginning was less than two years ago, and yet it seems like a different life time.  We are so different now and our lives have changed so much.  I am proud of what we have done and where we are going!!  And I really want to thank all of the friends and family who support us and encourage us, and all the people who have said we inspired you in some way.  Losing the weight and being healthy is a fabulous reward, but knowing someone else was encouraged by you is immeasurable.

The picture here is a before and current picture in the same “Jill” costume.  Three years ago, we dressed as Jack and Jill for Halloween.  Last weekend I was trying on all my old costumes to see what I could give away, and when I put it on again, Tim said he wanted to take a picture of it.  I said something like “ok, fine, whatever…but hurry up because I am hot in this thing”.  Little did I know he we going to do a side by side comparison for me (he is so smart).  When he called me to his computer to see it, I almost screamed I was so shocked.  (and I did do the happy dance for like 15 minutes)  When you look at the same face and body in the mirror day after day, you can not see it so easily.  You know you are losing weight, you know you wear smaller clothes, but until you can see it in front of you like this, it doesn’t really sink in.


Boselli Mud Run

On September 15th I participated in the Boselli Mud Run.  I thought the best way to share my experience with you would be to do a video so check it out…


The cost of getting healthy

Something I have heard a lot is “getting and staying healthy is expensive!”  That was the exact thought that went through my head when we brought over $20 worth of Apples, grapes and blueberries for our meals a few weeks ago.  For $20 I could make spaghetti for 20 people! Instead I am getting a week of snacks for two people.

Is everyone right?  Is getting and staying healthy expensive?


Let’s start with food.  Are the healthier things I buy now more expensive than some of the junk I brought before?  YES!  Fresh fruits and vegetables are pricy and they have a very short shelf life so stocking up while they are on sale is not always a good option.  Lean meats like fish or seafood tend to be more expensive than ground beef or sirloin.  I have noticed, however, I buy smaller quantities of food now that I am eating less than half what I used to eat.  Also, because I make my lunches most of the time (or eat leftovers) I do not go out as often so I save a bunch of money there.  In the long run, while some of the individual items are more expensive, the total I spend on food has not gone up very much.  I would consider this a tie.


Next is the exercise portion of the show.   On one level exercise can be free.  What does it cost to walk around the block or play catch with the kids?  Nothing, right?  However, there comes a point for most of us where walking does not burn enough calories to keep the weight coming (or staying) off.  So many of us turn to other options; we buy the latest exercise DVD craze (P90x, 30 Shred, Biggest Loser, etc) or we join some sort of gym.   Either way, it is money out of our pockets.  Sheri and I spend about $600 a year on our gym membership.  This does not include the $1080 per year we spend on our personal trainer sessions twice a month or all the money we spend on good athletic shoes or gym clothes.  If you are crazy like me and participate in organized 5k walks, 5k runs, mud runs, triathlons, half marathons, marathons, etc., the cost goes even higher.  Most of the 5k’s I do range anywhere between $30 and $80 to participate and a lot of them have a minimum fundraising amount which you have to cover if you do not raise enough money.  In addition to this, there is the equipment.  I own two pairs of cross training shoes and a pair of running shoes.  Good shoes like this range from $50-$120 a pair.  I am estimating I will spend somewhere close to $1000 on triathlon equipment (New Bike, helmet, padded shorts, swim trunks, goggles, etc) in the next 6 months.  I am an extreme example so I would not use me as a good example of the cost for exercise but if you just looking at the gym membership, decent shoes and workout clothes, you are probably looking at about $300-$400 a year.  Here, I will agree exercise will cost you more money.


You have heard the saying “time is money”.  I have to agree.  I think your time is an expense you should take into consideration as well.  Currently, Sheri and I work out 4 nights a week and average about an hour or hour and a half per night.  So we are looking at 4-6 hours a week in the gym.  For me you add the 30-40 minutes a day in morning workouts 4-5 days a week and another 2-3 hours a week I spend on my weight loss and fitness related internet time (reading others blogs, writing this one, keeping up on Twitter, researching things about running, triathlons, cooking, etc).  Let’s not forget the meal planning and prep time.  This is a huge chunk of time we had free to do other things in the past.   On the weekends, we spend several hours making lunch and dinner menus and then pre portioning all of the food so we can “grab and go”.  While I agree I now spend more time being healthy, what am I missing as a result?  What am I really giving up?  So I only sit in front of the TV for 3 hours instead of 5.  So I stopped spending 40+ hours a week playing an online game.  So I give up 30 minutes of sleep in the morning.  Am I really worse off without all of these things?  I would say no.  Again, I think this is a tie.


As you lose weight, you shrink out of your clothes and end up having to buy an all-new wardrobe.  Or, if you are like me, you end up buying multiple new wardrobes.  I have gone down 8 pants sizes and 3 shirt sizes so far and will probably lose at least 1-2 more shirt sizes and 3 or 4 more pants sizes before it is all over.  This means more new outfits which fit for a few weeks or months before they are too big again.  All these new clothes can become expensive so I can see why people consider this to be a good example of why weight loss is costly.  And I would agree that as you are losing weight, you will end up spending more money on clothes.  But what are you paying for the clothes?  As I have mentioned before, I have gone from shopping at specialty “big and tall” stores for my clothes to being able to shop at what I consider normal store (i.e. Wal-Mart, Kmart, JC Penney, etc).  The cost for jeans has gone from costing me close to $50 at the specialty stores to $10-$20 a pair.  Shirts have gone from $30-$40 to $8-$20 a shirt.  On top of that, I have done some shopping at the local Goodwill and Salvation Army stores to get some clothes for $4-$6 an item.  Because I can now buy 5 new pairs of jeans for the price of what I used to buy a single pair before clothes will cost me considerably less in the long run.  So while there is a little more “upfront” cost for clothes, in the long run, you end up paying LESS for clothes.  Again, I would consider this a tie.


When I started this journey, I was on 6 different medications.  I was fortunate to have most of them were on the $4 list at Wal-Mart but I was still paying around $35-$40 a month for my drugs.  Because of the 110+ pounds I have lost and the change in diet and exercise, all of my medical issues are under control without medication.  But it does not stop there.  Not only am I saving $420-$480 a year on prescriptions, I am hopefully saving thousands of dollars on other medical issues I have avoided by getting healthier.  I think this is hands down a money savings.


If you had asked me 2 or 3 years ago if my weight took a toll on my emotional/mental state I would have told you no.  I was VERY happy being a fat guy.  Sure I had those days where it hurt to walk or where I was not able to do things others were but I did not focus on them.   Now that I have lost weight and have a whole new outlook on life, I realize how much the weight took a toll on me.  I hid behind my weight.  I took the easy way out and because I did, I never challenged myself to get better.   I do more now than I ever have before.  I don’t have to do calculations to figure out if a chair will hold me or if I will be able to catch up with my friends.   I know what it is like to push myself to the limits and be surprised what my body can do.  I know what it is like to set goals and then meet or exceed them.  I try new things and have A LOT of fun doing them.   For me, this is another hands down winner.  I am emotionally and mentally better off than I ever was before.

By my calculation, exercise is the only thing that was more expensive in my opinion.  You may not agree on some of my evaluations, so I have one last item which I think solves the argument for me.

What is one more quality day with the people you love worth to you?  What is the value of one more year on this earth?  What would you pay to live a less limited life?   Can you put a price on all of the happy memories you might miss out on if you do not lose the weight?

There is not a day that goes by where I do not wish my mother had a couple more months or years on this earth.  I would give anything in the world for her to have been at the Never Quit race on my 44th birthday to see me finish my first run or to have been standing next to my father as I crossed the finish line at the Mud Run a couple weeks ago.  While I celebrate every victory I achieve in this journey, part of me is saddened because she is not here to hug me and tell me how proud she is of me.  Likewise, I cannot imagine not growing old with Sheri.  We celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary on Friday and I plan on spending many more with her.  What we have done to improve our lives and extend them is PRICELESS!  If for no other reason, a longer life with a better quality of living is worth more than any gym membership, healthy food or new wardrobe will ever cost.

So does it cost more?  Maybe.

Is it worth it?  HELL YES!

Weight Update

  • Current weight10/03/12 – 270.4
  • Last week’s weight9/26/12 – 272.8
  • Starting weight – 2/13/11 – 384.8

Weight loss for this week – 2.4 pounds

Total Weight loss – 114.4 pounds

Getting in shape seminar (and goals)

Back in the beginning of July, I posted about speaking at the Get in the best shape or your life seminar put on by Custom Built Personal Training.  Last Month they held another Seminar and again asked Sheri and I to speak at it.  When we walked in, the following picture was blown up to the size of a poster and was sitting in the front of the room.



I was smart this time and I had someone record our portion of the program so I could share it with all of you.  (sorry about the audio)



Needless to say it was a VERY cool day, and once again, we have been blessed with more free sessions to help us reach our goals! 

This was going to be the end of this post until I saw Sheri’s post this morning with her goal suggestion/challenge.  So I guess I need to respond. 

And my response is GAME ON!

I accept your challenge lovely wife of mine.  The following are now my (Oh wait – OUR) goals for the month:


  • Bench/chest press – 200 (50 per week)
  • Pull Up/Chin Up – 480 (this is 3×10 set – 2 sets twice a week)
  • Standing bent over rows – 240 (15 per arm, 2 sets once a week)
  • Dumbbell Side Delt Abduction (Stand & hold weights at sides, bring both arms up parallel to the floor) – 160 (40 per week)
  • Alt. Standing Shoulder Presses – 160 (40 per week)
  • Dips– 160 (40 per week)
  • Oblique Twists with Medicine Ball – 160 (20 each giving/receiving – 40 per week)
  • Back Extensions – 160 (40 per week)

Mix-it up a little – exercise doesn’t have to be boring (I picked more than 2)

  • A walk on the beach
  • Try a rock climbing wall
  • Nature trail/hike
  • Go dancing
  • Batting cages
  • Putt putt golf
  • Yard work for an hour (not mowing)

Non-exercise related – life goals

  • We need to create two new recipes (that we like)
  • Bake something yummy you would not normally include in our new lifestyle and share it with your friends
  • Skip the gym one night and see a movie instead
  • Spend 2-hours reading a book instead of blog posts you are “keeping up” with
  • Create Mud Run Video

Inside Scoop…It is October 2012 already!!!

How on earth do the days go by so fast?  It seems to me it was July just last week and January about a month ago.

To give all our friends and family a little inside scoop to how Tim and I function as a team on this journey to a healthy life, I thought I would share some of what I do behind the scenes.  You all read from post to post about the highlights and lowlights of what it is like to completely up heave your world and change who you are from the inside out.  What we rarely share is the technical stuff, and how it all comes together before you read our story.

For starters, every blog post Tim has written and you have read has been proofed by his chief editor (that’s me).  I am also the technical skills behind everything we eat.  One of us will get some kind of weird food inspiration and we will talk out the potential outcome of what it could taste like, and then I figure out how to execute it.  Tim keeps me inspired to keep pushing even when I would rather sit on my butt and be lazy.  I have never known anyone as driven as he is about our new life.  We work together to plan our workouts each day at the gym.  Going into a workout with no plan will not only make you less productive, you will waste time at the gym getting less results.

Most importantly, we motivate each other.  Yesterday Tim emailed me saying he needs to come up with a list of goals for October asking if I had any thoughts for him.  Normally he comes up with his crazy hard goals all by himself.  I will read them, (think to myself he has lost his mind), ask him if he is sure, and then sit back and cheer him on.  This time is different.  I decided it was time for me to help inspire him. Below is my response to him, and it is a list of goals for us together.

Here was my email back to him:

OK you want October Goals…here are some ideas from your wife

This month should be all about balancing your life – you have spent the last several months working mostly on your lower body and running training, with extra training already planned specifically for running this month. You focus constantly on your health and exercise goals and train very hard leaving little time to enjoy some of the regular life stuff you love.

So to balance the scales a little, maybe you should do some upper body and core exercises and some non-exercise related goals that help balance your overall health and well being.

Your first challenge is to do all of this with me this month – Go team Mosier


  • Bench/chest press – 200 (50 per week)
  • Pull Up/Chin Up – 480 (this is 3×10 set – 2 sets twice a week)
  • Standing bent over rows – 240 (15 per arm, 2 sets once a week)
  • Dumbbell Side Delt Abduction (Stand & hold weights at sides, bring both arms up parallel to the floor) – 160 (40 per week)
  • Alt. Standing Shoulder Presses – 160 (40 per week)
  • Dips– 160 (40 per week)
  • Oblique Twists with Medicine Ball – 160 (20 each giving/receiving – 40 per week)
  • Back Extensions – 160 (40 per week)

Mix-it up a little – exercise doesn’t have to be boring (pick 2)

  • A walk on the beach
  • Play catch for 30 minutes with a football or baseball
  • Try a rock climbing wall
  • Nature trail/hike
  • Go dancing
  • Batting cages
  • Putt putt golf
  • Zumba / aerobics / yoga class
  • Bowling
  • Yard work for an hour (not mowing)

Non-exercise related – life goals

  • We need to create two new recipes (that we like)
  • Bake something yummy you would not normally include in our new lifestyle and share it with your friends
  • Skip the gym one night and see a movie instead
  • Spend 2-hours reading a book instead of blog posts you are “keeping up” with

There – that should give you lots to think about J

I love you!!!

So friends and family, since I am busy working on these goals myself this month, You need to cheer loud enough for both of us to hear you from all over the country!!  Better yet…join in on the challenge and write back what you have done to mix things up in your lives.

Catch up

 I will avoid sounding like a broken record and just say I am back!  While I have not been posting lately, I have kept on track.  Let me try to catch you up on what has been going on.

August Goals

As I mentioned in my post on August 21 (The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat) I still have not learned to make realistic goals with all of the other things I have going on.  I seem to be over shooting what I am able (or willing) to do.  Shortly after my post I stopped keeping track of those goals so I do not have an accurate number on how I ended but I can tell you there were several goals I did not come close to completing.  I planned to have goals for September but ended up never writing them.  I am working on having a new goals list for October by the end of the week that will (hopefully) be more realistic.


The beginning of September brought on our first real vacation of the year.  This was not going to be one of our normal “white sand and blue water” kind of vacations.  This year we decide to take a long overdue trip to Kansas to visit Sheri’s family.  Since we were flying into Kansas City Airport, we decided to meet one of my fellow bloggers who lives just outside of Kansas City.  I first heard of Carl over at back in June when a family member shared a link to his It was time for a change post on FaceBook.  Carl’s blog is not another weight loss blog, it is mostly about Literature.  I think this was his first post where he spoke about his weight loss journey.  We connected online and have kept up on email and Twitter.  Sheri and I decided to meet Carl and his family for an early dinner at one of his favorite BBQ joints, Oklahoma Joes.  We spent several hours there eating some really good BBQ and exchanging stories about life and our journeys.  It is always a great opportunity to meet someone who has inspired and encouraged your life.  Carl is also into running and I am hoping to see him take a vacation next May and come to Jacksonville to run the Never Quit race on the beach with me (Carl, I know you are reading this…no pressure J )

After our visit with Carl, we drove to Topeka and spent the rest of the week with her Father.  While there we ate BBQ several more times (come on, it is Kansas!  Did you really think I was not going to have BBQ?!?!).  We also had some steak and fast food several times.  I approached this week as I have approached this whole journey.  I was going to enjoy life.  Nothing was off limits.  I did, however, make good decisions on quantity and food choices for the week to limit the damages of food I was eating.  Honestly, by the end of the week, I was ready to get back home to the food choices I am use to.  All of the things I had on vacation are great for a treat but I am not sure my body would like me very much if I went back to eating them on a full time basis.

Before we left on vacation, we made plans to work out at the hotel each morning before breakfast.  Sadly, the exercise room was lacking.  The only machine that worked was the treadmill, everything else was broken in one way or another.  As a result we only worked out 2 of the 4 days we were in the hotel.

I weighed in when we got back and I had only gained 1.4 pounds which is not bad considering the lack of exercise and the higher calorie foods that I had.


I, once again, have had another GREAT clothes moment.  What can beat my $10 jeans moment from August?  How about $7 shorts and $3 shirts while on vacation.  While on vacation in Kansas we decided to look at some clothes and found they had all of their “summer” clothes on sale.  After all, who wears shorts in Kansas in November?  Fortunately for me, I DO wear shorts in Jacksonville FL in November (and December, and maybe even January).  Not only did we find some shirts and shorts at GREAT prices, I am also now down another size pants (size 40 now) and I even bought a XL shirt!  XL?!?!?!?  REALLY???  The shirt fits in the shoulders and waist but the chest area is still a little “snug”. But how could I not buy a XL shirt for $3


  • Week 84 Weight – 9/26/12 – 272.8      pounds – .6 pound gain
  • Week 83 Weight – 9/19/12 – 272.2      pounds – 4.8 pound loss
  • Week 82 Weight – 9/12/12 – 277.0      pounds – 1.4 pound gain
  • Week 81 Weight – 9/05/12 – VACATION
  • Week 80 Weight – 8/29/12 – 275.6      pounds – .6 Pound Loss
  • Week 79 Weight – 8/22/12 – 276.2      pounds
  • Starting weight – 2/13/11 – 384.8      pounds

Total Weight loss – 112 pounds


  • Current       Measurements – 9/15/12 – Chest – 50.25″,      Neck – 18.50″, Waist – 47.75″, Hips – 48.00″
  • Last Month’s       Measurements 5/20/12 – Chest – 54″,      Neck – 19.25″, Waist – 50.75″, Hips – 51.50″
  • Starting      Measurements – 2/13/11 –      Chest – 61″, Neck – 23″, Waist – 61.5″, Hips – 59.5″
  • Total Lost – Chest –10.75″, Neck – 4.50″, Waist – 13.75″, Hips – 11.50″

Back on track!

I lost the 4.2 pounds I gained last week!!!

Weight recap:

  • Week 79 Weight – 8/22/12 – 276.2 pounds
  • Week 78 Weight – 8/15/12 – 280.4 pounds
  • Starting weight – 2/13/11 – 384.8 pounds

Weight lossfor Week 79 – 4.2 pounds

Total Weight loss – 108.6 pounds